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About Us

Quadagno & Associates, Inc. is a card based technology consulting firm for stored value and other applications. Assignments are focused on payments industry issues primarily for telecommunications companies, public transit agencies and other public sector groups, banks and other card issuing organizations, and universities interested in electronic purse, loyalty and security (both virtual and physical) applications employing smart card, magnetic card or database management technologies.

Our clients include mall operators and developers, time-share operators and developers, healthcare marketing research professionals, pharmaceuticals and wellness incentive providers, incentive and promotional firms, merchants, merchant acquiring processors, transit agencies, toll collecting authorities, financial institutions (users and sponsors), EFT networks, 3rd party bank processors, prepaid processors, system integrators, universities, telephone companies, loyalty system providers and aggregators.

Our experience includes working with all types of technologies for cards or virtual programs, including RFID, NFC, bar code, mag stripe, smart cards and others when used in payment system implementations for the types of clients listed above. We have launched prepaid, private label and event notification systems using VisaNet and Banknet to route transactions.

Our specific offerings include fielding a team of educated and knowledgeable individuals who can act as your in-house staff to perform all of the functions required to launch and maintain prepaid programs for you, the Program Sponsor. Our experience and passion for creative thinking in an industry that continues to experience double digit CAGRs for a wide variety of prepaid products is unsurpassed.

Our work leads to tangible results that are mutually beneficial.