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Career Highlights

  • Coinstar – Worked for the GM of the e-Pay division; developed business relationships with many of the country’s leading stored value processors and card program managers that positioned Coinstar’s kiosk network as a load value center, payroll card processing and statement provisioning centers and card selling or issuing centers. Also managed an effort to analyze product development needs that addressed Coinstar’s evolving role in providing support services to a variety of stored value programs.
  • Hypercom Corporation – Developed a strategic plan calling for a roll-up of prepaid product providers in telephony, gift cards and other stored value venues. Reported directly to the Chairman and CEO.
  • InterCept Payment Solutions – Retained by the CMO and worked to deploy a stored value system for universities using the student’s identification card to withdraw financial aid funds from bank accounts and routing the transactions over national and regional ATM and POS networks. Funding for the stored value account came from both financial aid and other sources. Also investigated a stored value solution/alternative for the historically subscription-based services used by viewers of internet content material for an IPS subsidiary formerly known as iBill.
  • MARTA – Worked with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority and its project manager for what would become the Breeze Card. Project called for development of work scopes for business, marketing and operating plans to launch Breeze, which would replace MARTA tokens in favor of a contactless microprocessor smart card technology as MARTA’s new fare card.
  • Qwest Communications International’s Stored Value Systems Division (responsible for marketing Qwest’s prepaid phone cards) – Developed business and operating plans for product line evolution to stored value cash and gift card products. Developed point of sale activation (POSA technology) solution using a Visa USA non-private label BIN for routing activation transactions from the retail POS. Also developed requirements documentation for a back office business management system to manage the sale of prepaid phone cards and other types of stored value products from merchant locations, distributors and wholesalers.
  • Qwest, Cable & Wireless, SpendCash (an internet cash card start-up) and Orbnet (an early stored value program manager start-up) – Launched operating methods using a 4-series Visa USA authorization-only BIN acquired from various financial institutions that issued Visa credit cards. Used the routing abilities of VisaNET to activate prepaid phone cards and other types of cash cards at the point of sale.
  • Qwest – Developed business plans for launching anonymous stored value and money transfer products with the merchant base selling Qwest’s prepaid phone cards and through direct mail with over 4.5 million Hispanic households who were also Qwest local and long distance customers.
  • MCI Prepaid – Worked to implement POSA solutions; led effort to work with the NYC MTA to launch a combined prepaid phone card/MetroCard product in New York City.
  • MCI Government Markets – Launched student identification cards for Florida State University; project was funded by MCI and used smart card technology in a variety of applications.
  • CyberMark – Developed product launch plans and operating policies and procedures documentation in collaboration with a variety of vendors who worked with CyberMark’s customers in the deployment and management of student identification card programs using smart card technology. CyberMark’s role was systems integrator.
  • NJ Turnpike Authority; Subcontractor to Phoenix Planning & Evaluation (a/k/a Maximus) – Developed selection criteria and reviewed proposals for EZ-Pass from vendors vying to create a clearinghouse system that would provide interchange of stored value transactions acquired using transponder and/or smart card technologies with multiple toll collecting authorities.
  • King County Metro, Washington State Ferries Central Puget Sound Fare Collection Project; Subcontractor to IBI – Developed clearinghouse operational procedures, vendor selection processes, assessed operating methods for fare policy integration, and provided guidance on overall program coordination.
  • EXPERT WITNESS – Worked on two cases as an expert witness. The first was settled out of court in the plaintiff’s favor, where I was the plaintiff’s witness and deposed for a day on a case involving the implementation of a smart card-based stored value system on a university campus. The second is currently in litigation and is a patent infringement lawsuit involving stored value cards that use VisaNet for processing purposes.
  • PUBLIC SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Invited by bank, telephony and transit industry trade groups and associations to participate as member of faculty of presenters regarding current payments industry and card technology issues.
  • ADJUNCT PROFESSOR, PACE UNIVERSITY in White Plains and Pleasantville, New York and SINCLAIR COMMUNITY COLLEGE in Dayton, Ohio - Taught undergraduate course work in Statistics, Linear Algebra and Finite Math.