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Key Accomplishments

  • FOUNDER – MAVERICK NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC. – Built the infrastructure, negotiated all vendor and customer agreements, led company into timeshare as a vertical for stored value products, negotiated and closed as a customer and took VC money. Created de-coupled debit product for company.
  • STORED VALUE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FOR COINSTAR – Working for the General Manager of a newly formed division called the E-Payments Group, this engagement lasted 22 months working with the leader in kiosk network deployment, with installs in over 12,000 grocery and department stores, to help them understand how their kiosk network could be positioned to exploit applications in stored value, from technical, operational and marketing perspectives. This assignment also resulted in developing strategies for E-pay.
  • STORED VALUE MARKET ASSESSMENT AND STRATEGIC POSITIONING FOR HYPERCOM – Worked with the CEO of Hypercom to provide the company with an understanding of the players in the stored value arena that could be targets for acquisition. Companies targeted included distributors of stored value products, processors of stored value transactions and content providers or program managers with clear distinguishing product characteristics.
  • STORED VALUE PROGRAM DESIGN FOR INTERCEPT PAYMENT SOLUTIONS – Developed product launch capabilities for providing access to university student financial aid by integrating stored value card functionality in the student’s identification cards. Worked with Florida State University as co-designers for the card program.
  • STORED VALUE PRODUCT EVOLUTION AND BUSINESS CASE ANALYSIS FOR QWEST – Evaluated the business case for evolving Qwest Communication International’s prepaid long distance product line into a cash and gift card business using both retail and consumer local and long distance customers as channels for product marketing/introduction and supported by the POSA system developed for their prepaid products line.
  • MCI/QWEST POINT OF SALE ACTIVATION SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT – During consulting engagement with MCI, began work to develop an activation system for prepaid phone cards but was released before the plans could be fully vetted and executed. Following MCI’s release of my contract, was retained by Qwest Communications International’s prepaid phone card group to launch a point of sale activation service meeting Qwest’s requirements for operating methodologies.
  • PUBLIC TRANSIT/STORED VALUE PRODUCT LAUNCH AND BUSINESS CASE DEVELOPMENT – Assisted the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) to develop business and operational plans for launching a smart card-based stored value system. Developed business and operational plans for expanding the use of a proprietary stored value card leading to the creation of a new public authority subsidiary of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City. Managed $50 million of $750 million budget to launch stored value MetroCard.
  • LAUNCHING UNIVERSITY SMART CARD SYSTEMS – Worked with one of the first smart card systems integrators to issue smart card technology to university students as their ID cards that would be used in a variety of applications. Participated in the issuance of the Florida State University ID card program during Q&A’s engagement with CyberMark. Also, Q&A initiated stored value opportunity for InterCept Payment Solutions to launch a university stored value card for financial aid disbursement using the student’s ID card.
  • BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Former acting Chairman and Vice Chairman, Smart Card Industry Association; voted to merge SCIA with the Smart Card Forum to create the Smart Card Alliance; active participant in merger discussions; SCA Director’s term.